Results of past clients

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Results of past clients

$22k ➡️ $159k (7.22x ROAS)

This DTC skincare brand came to us after working with 3 other agencies in the past 24 months. With the other agencies they always achieve results around a 2x return, but wanted something more. We came in and after just 3 months generated a 7x return for them.

$20.6k ➡️ $106k (5.14x ROAS)

This DTC furniture store understood the importance of product positioning, but didn’t have the knowledge to implement the strategy. After numerous in-depth strategy meetings, using their unique customer base allowed us to cleverly target their niche by understanding their true needs, illustrating the importance of understanding your buyer. This extra work at the beginning allowed us, to be able to achieve a ROAS of over 5x. 

$24k ➡️ $247k (10.99x ROAS)

This DTC clothing brand reached out to us looking for an agency to do their Facebook/Instagram ads. Their clothing was very unique, so we created a plan around creatives that really stood out on social media feeds. In March 2023, we ended up get a 10x ROAS for them, using the creative brief devised by Eire Marketing’s creative strategists.

Double rev in first 6 weeks Ad Account Walkthrough

This DTC fitness supplement brand came to use to start their paid acquisition. They had a killer email marketing strategy, but need new customers into their funnel, as they were only hitting 10k per month. In the first 4 weeks, we got them over 10k, and in month 2 will on route to 20k per month. 

What our Partners say...

Frequently Asked Questions.

Let’s be honest: we can’t help every brand out there. Anyone who says they can help every brand are either delusional or lying. We help brands that are in a specific position (those who have the necessary prerequisites) scale rapidly by adding $50k-$100k or more to their monthly revenue within 90 days or less.

We know who our ideal client is, and this is why we perform such a deep diagnosis of your current situation to truly understand your brand before working together. If we don’t think it will be a good fit, we will simply part ways and not waste any more of each others time. Because of this, we have one of the highest success rates in the industry.

The prerequisites that we ensure all brands have before the become a Eíre Marketing client are:

1. A strong proof of concept. 
During our deep diagnosis we get a grasp of your proof of concept by looking at what your current monthly numbers look like as well as your profitability. We rarely work with startups.
2. Product-market fit. 
We cannot profitably parket a product to someone who simply doesn’t want said product. 
3. High product quality and customer experience. 
Whilst we can get people to buy essentially anything, we firmly and strongly take a moral standpoint against making people buy a product we wouldn’t otherwise buy ourselves given we were the ideal customer. We want to do good, and we only want to be a part of this if we know buyers will be truly happy after buying your products.
4. Culture fit 
We always look at clients as partners for years to come. We always ensure that our team along with your team are genuinely going to have deep and meaningful relationships throughout the long-term partnership. Ultimately we don’t care how much we’re being paid – if our values don’t align and we feel a client is acting in an immoral way then we can’t work with them. 

We show and explain to our models how the photos should look. It’s not hard and the best methods will help you quickly to make your fans happy and increase sales.

We’ve helped brands across a huge variety of niches, and we’ve entered new niches for the first time and saw fantastic results each time. The key common denominator here is that each of those brands encompassed the prerequisites detailed above.

If your brand encompasses the prerequisites detailed above, then there is no doubt that our strategies will work, which is why we’re so confident that we’re able to guarantee results for all of our clients.

The reason paid ads didn’t work for you previously could be due to countless reasons, which ultimately boil down to one key reason: your paid ad strategy wasn’t delivered by an expert who truly cared about your results.

Maybe they just didn’t have a clue what they were doing. Or maybe they were indeed experts in achieving results, but you were 1 of 100s of other clients, and maybe you were even small fish in a pond of multiple 7 figure per month for the clients for the agency.

We work with a select, exclusive and limited number of clients so we can focus 100% of our energy on our clients. Because we work with a specific type of client who meets our prerequisites, we know this will work. When issues arise, we therefore don’t just give up and think “oh well, we’ll just sign another client”. We keep grinding, problem-solving, assessing – until we get it right and deliver the results we promised.

I’ll be upfront: We aren’t the cheapest agency out there. You can 100% find a cheaper agency out there.

But what you won’t find is an agency who can provide more value than us.

You see, we’re different. Most agencies are what we call “volume agencies”. They scale horizontally, signing as many clients as possible, with their core mission being “how can we sign more clients than we lose?”

At Eíre Marketing, we’re different. We limit our intake and work with a MAXIMUM of 15 clients at any one time. We choose to scale vertically, by increasing the value that we provide to our clients, and in turn the value we receive.

As an example, if we can add $300k/month to one brand, we’ll get paid a lot more than if we can add $30k/month to 4 brands. This way we’re happier, the client is happier as results are through the roof, everyone wins. We always value quality over quantity, and we are a true performance partner in this respect.

But ultimately, this is your choice, and you should 100% go with the option that you feel is right for you.

All we can say is this. If you truly want a heavy-hitter in your corner who will do everything in their power to produce the best results possible instead of sitting back and doing the bare minimum to obtain their retainer each month, then we are the partners for you.

We don’t focus too much on size, but rather on the current situation and whether the brand has those key prerequisites. 

We’ve helped clients at multiple 6 figures per month add an extra $200k+ per month to their brand, and we’ve also helped smaller brands at around $10k/month scale to multiple 6 figures per month and beyond. 
At the same time, we also regularly turn away both brands at $10k/month and brands at $1,000,000/month that don’t have the key prerequisites for success as listed above.
If you have the key prerequisites as listed above, and if you are not seeing the results you want to see and you want to scale further, see more profit, and have guaranteed results, then book a call with us today.

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